Canine First-Aid Course

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Course overview
This course provides a theory overview of the main principles of applying first-aid for dogs, before reaching veterinary assistance.
  • Video time: 40 mins

What's included?

  • 1 Video Presentation
  • 1 Certificate of Completion
  • First-Aid Handout
  • Emergency Rescusitation/CPR
  • Burns, Bites and Shock
  • Bleeding dogs, wounds and bandaging
  • Your Canine First-Aid Kit

Course Overview

This online course provides you with an overview of the main types of canine emergencies you might face as a pet professional and what first-aid you could apply before reaching veterinary assistance.

Who is this aimed at?

If you work with dogs, then understanding basic canine first-aid principles is essential to help animal welfare and to give your customers reassurance that you would know what to do in an emergency.