Parasites & Your Pet

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A short, but detailed, course examining the different types of parasites that can affect animals and how they can be treated.
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  • Video time: 25 mins

What's included?

  • 1 Video Presentation
  • 1 Multiple Choice Quiz
  • Certificate of Completion

Learn About Parasites

You will learn about the different types of endo-and ecto-parasites that can affect animals, mainly dogs. Some you will see more frequently than others! From fleas and ticks to a variety of worms, this course will give you a great overview.

Who is this aimed at?

If you work with pets, particularly dogs, then this course is for you. You are very likely to come across parasites in your work with pets and knowing what to do and how they can be treated is important to safeguard not just the affected animal, but you and all the pets you care for.