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Why have dogs in the workplace? 

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a surge in dog ownership to around 12 million, and as life returns to normal and employees go back to office-based working patterns, responsible owners are seeking solutions for their dog’s care while they are at work. 

With a recent survey showing 54% of employees considering quitting their job if they couldn’t bring their dog to work, employers are increasingly seeing the benefits of allowing employees to bring their dog into the workplace. 

Research identified a range of benefits to bringing dogs into the workplace including reducing stress levels and heart rates – even stroking a dog can lower blood pressure.  Dogs in the workplace can also boost performance, work-life balance and job satisfaction, as well as increasing positive social interactions amongst staff.

About the course.

To help employers and employees share their work space with dogs in a responsible and safe way, the National Pet College has launched the unique Dogs in the Workplace online course.  The course guides learners through a six-step process to allow them to overcome the challenges and develop a positive, dog friendly culture.

The course is divided into two components: one for the employer and one for the employee.  Both parts will ensure sensible and robust procedures are in put place that protect the business, other workers, clients and help safeguard the welfare of the dogs themselves. 

The course comes with a downloadable toolkit containing editable examples of the recommended paperwork including a risk assessment, code of conduct and goodness of fit behavioural assessment. 

There are two options to purchase:

  1. Employer Course – aimed at employers who want to learn how to make their workplace dog friendly and understand the benefits to their company of having dogs on site. The course also includes downloadable resources, including risk assessments and codes of practice. – £100
  2. Employee Course – aimed at employees (dog owners) who want to learn how they can safely and responsibly bring their dogs into the workplace and the steps they need to go through to achieve this as well as guidance on how to ensure your dog is comfortable in the workplace. – £40.


Both courses can be bought separately. Additionally, employers can also buy multiple courses for employees and manage group-wide enrolments on the course to create a more holistic company approach to becoming open to dogs in the workplace.

The Dogs in the Workplace course is supported by the Pet Industry Federation, the national trade association for pet businesses, and DogFriendly, the UK directory of dog friendly places.

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